AlternaCig Review: Does It Really Work?

by Judy Myer on April 27, 2013

Hi there! I suppose you’re one of the many people who are aiming to quit smoking but have difficulty getting started. If that’s your reason for considering AlternaCig then you’ve made a wise decision for visiting this page. Here you’ll find what this product is all about, how it works, its advantages and disadvantages, plus real user experiences to help you determine whether or not this product can be your solution to a healthier lifestyle.

What Is AlternaCig?

Different smoking cessation programs are available for individuals who want to quit smoking. For those who want to quit the habit but can’t go cold turkey, using electronic cigarettes like AlternaCig is supposed to be a healthier alternative. Designed to appear like real cigarettes, AlternaCig apparently provides the same full flavor and smoking experience that you get from regular cigarettes minus the harmful effects. It is one of the many products of Vapor Corp, an American company and a leading supplier of electronic cigarettes.

How Does It Work?

AlternaCig is supposedly a high-tech alternative to smoking. It looks like a real cigarette, feels like a real cigarette, and tastes like a real cigarette without the nasty smoke smell and the dangerous toxins that tobacco cigarettes have. The product consists of 2 main parts – the lithium ion battery and the cartridge. According to infomercials, when you inhale, the airflow is detected by a sensor which activates the heating element and vaporizes the solution inside the cartridge. The process produces a smoke-like odorless vapor which is not really smoke and for a more realistic smoking experience, the tip also glows.

The product comes with a rechargeable travel pack that holds 6 filters. Each removable filter produces enough puffs to replace 1 ½ packs of real cigarettes making you save hundreds and even thousands of dollars a year. You only have to plug the travel pack to keep it fully charged. When the e-cigarette is not in use, it automatically shuts off so even when you’re feeling drowsy and eventually fall asleep with an unfinished AlternaCig, it won’t do any damage at all.

Manufacturers say that the product can be used anywhere even in ‘no smoking zones’ as it does not emit real smoke. The infomercial shows people using it at home, in the airport, and restaurants or bar so you don’t have to go outside to smoke. Additionally, you don’t cause any other people harm since there is no second-hand smoke at all. The product has no tar, no flame, no ash, no carbon monoxide, and none of the over 4000 harmful toxins that regular cigarettes contain.


  • Can be used anywhere. You can smoke in most places that don’t allow smoking.
  • Cost effective. Allows you huge savings compared to regularly buying real cigarettes. One filter is equal to 1 ½ packs of regular cigarettes.
  • Safe. Does not contain toxins and does not cause second-hand smoke.
  • Environmental friendly. It does not contain pollutants. No ash, no tar, no flame, no carbon monoxide, no harmful toxins.


  • Manufacturer’s site does not provide a list of ingredients. It only says 2 available flavors – regular and menthol.
  • You’re still addicted to smoking although it’s a safe alternative.

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