Teeter Hang Ups Review: Is It As Good As They Say?

by Judy Myer on August 6, 2013

Hi there! You’re probably considering inversion as a remedy for your back pain or just eager to find out more about the Teeter Hang Ups which claims to help you get a better back and a better body. Either way, you’ve come to the right place. This article details everything you need to know about the product including its advantages, disadvantages, plus real user experiences to help you decide whether or not it is worth investing in.

What Is Teeter Hang Ups?

Teeter Hang Ups is an inversion table used to offer relief from back and body pain. It claims to rejuvenate joint health, build and tone muscles, increase flexibility, improve posture, and relieve stress with just 3 to 5 minutes a day of using it in your own home.

Who Created It?

The device is created by inventor and engineer Roger Teeter who firmly believes in the benefits of inversion therapy. Like many of the device’s users, Teeter once suffered from terrible back pain until he found inversion as the only source of relief. Believing that a safe and comfortable way of doing the inversion therapy could help millions of people the world over, he staked his name and reputation on his invention which was created for over 30 years now.

How Does It Work?

Gravity and impact activities cause compression of the spongy discs in the spine which results to the decreased flexibility and added painful pressure on the nerves. This powerful force alters the body shape as people age and coupled with poor posture and weak muscles, a person can have a serious back pain.

The purpose of inversion is to relax and decompress. It helps decompress joints and gives you a burst of oxygen. Inversion therapy or sometimes called gravitational traction is becoming a popular remedy for back and joint pain. It involves dangling upside down to slow or reverse the harmful compression of the body using the same powerful force – gravity. The Teeter Hang Ups apparently enables you to do this in a safe, easy, and comfortable way. You simply set it, lock it, then recline and relax.

While you are in the inverted position, progressive decompression lets each of your joints to be decompressed by the same weight that compresses it while upright. The device enables you to get the perfect stretch which is relaxing and rejuvenating way to help restore youthful function to your weight-bearing joints so you can move and feel better.

With the Teeter Hang Ups, you have the total control. It has a precision-balanced system which lets you maneuver the speed and rotation with simple arm movements. You start getting the benefits at a gentle 20 degrees and total decompression at 60 degrees. If you wish to target your abs and increase your flexibility you can go for a full 90 degrees.

How Often Should You Use It?

If you have symptoms, you would benefit from doing inversion 3 times a day. Most people use it for 5 to 15 minutes but once you feel your body tense up, it is time to stop.


  • Built for safety. Teeter is a trusted name and quality leader in the inversion industry since 1981. It is rated number 1 in comparison testing to evaluate safety and performance. It exceeded the UL safety requirement and is the only inversion table listed to UL 1647, a standard evaluating inversion tables based on ‘real world’ use. It is proven to meet weight safety requirements and ensure secure inversion and proper rotation. It passed ankle lock endurance test, and has over a hundred upgrades to ensure ease of use, performance, and security.
  • Built for benefits. Teeter Hang Ups model EP-560 is equipped with precision balancing for total control, a patent-pending ComforTrak Bed that flexes with the user for better joint mobilization, accessories that enhance user experience, and built-in Stretch Grips for added stretching and decompression.
  • Quickest assembly time. Compared to look-alikes, the Teeter Hang Ups has the fastest assembly time verified by Engineer Evaluation. It takes only 13 minutes to put it together while competitions take 54 to 110 minutes. 85% of the unit is pre-assembled with tools required. It comes with a user manual and instructional DVD guide for your easy reference. It also folds in just a few seconds for quick and convenient storage.
  • BBB accredited. Teeter Hang Ups is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau which means it is recognized to have the highest level of business practices.
  • 5-Year Warranty. Backed by a 5-year full warranty.

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