HCF Happy Calm & Focused Review: Brain Supplement Exposed

by Judy Myer on June 18, 2013

Hi there! I suppose you’re here wanting to find out how well Happy Calm Focused works for people who desire to keep a healthy functioning brain and if you could potentially be one of those people to claim that this product can actually make you happy, calm, and focused. If so, then read on as we disclose nothing but facts both good and bad, plus real reviews from actual users of the product.

What Is Happy, Calm & Focused?

Happy, Calm & Focused (HCF) is a brain supplement and amino acid program. According to its official website, it is like no other supplements that mostly rely on high dose ’50 ingredients-in-1’ multi-vitamins or all-natural ingredients. HCF formula consists of 2 key amino-acids combined with the balanced delivery system of micro neuro-nutrients. It is formulated to boost ‘feel good’ neurons, make you feel strong and energized, and sustain happiness and inner calm.

How Does It Work?

The two main ingredients of HCF Happy Calm & Focused are amino acids referred to as F&Q which stands for 2 outstanding essential and conditional amino acids.

When taken on a regular basis, users will feel happy, calm, and focused without the side effects of herbal medicines or other harmful alternatives.F stands for Phenylalanine while Q is equal to Glutamine. These amino acids based on the official site are “nutritional precursor to the neurotransmitters dopamine, norepinephrine (noradrenaline), epinephrine (adrenaline), GABA and involved in the release of PEA, phenylethylamine which can sensitize endorphin receptors to endorphins. These neurotransmitters strongly support warm feelings of love, pleasure, happiness, alertness, energy, motivation, memory, attention, focus, concentration, internal calmness, and sleep to name just a few.”

HCF vs Herbal Brain Supplements

Herbal supplements are very popular because ingredients taken from plants are known to be safe. However, they are not always effective. In fact, they cannot easily penetrate the blood brain barrier unlike amino acids, meaning they cannot deliver the essential nutrients that the brain actually needs.

HCF is an amino acid brain supplement that provides the essential amino acids and neuro-nutrients to nourish the brain.

HCF vs Multi-vitamin supplements

Supplements that use multiple ingredients in 1 multi-vitamin are well accepted because of the variety of ingredients that consumers recognize and believe to be effective. However, these complex formulas are not specifically designed to target or feed the brain with the essential nutrients it needs.

HCF’s unique formula targets the brain with amino acids and neuro-nutrients similar to what you would find in actual whole foods. It supports the brain and nourishes it the way only a real amino-acid braid supplement can.

HCF vs Other Brain Supplements

Supplements that do not disclose their formula are potentially dangerous and must be avoided. HCF is confident and proud of its ingredients and formula and does not hide any secret ingredient.

How To Take HCF?

Although Happy Calm Focused can be combined with other vitamins and dietary supplements, it should be taken on separate times in the day since it should only be taken with water and on an empty stomach at least 30 minutes prior to your meals. This is critical for ensuring that HCF’s amino acids could complete for absorption with the amino acids in your food.

As for the number of capsules to take, adults can start out with 3. You may increase up to a maximum of 6 capsules per day and take at different intervals. You can adjust the number of capsules after 1 to 2 weeks. Just make sure that you are taking it on a consistent daily basis for optimum result. You can also lower your dosage to 1 capsule a day if you feel it is enough to sustain you throughout the day.

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