Dermatend Review: Does It Really Work?

by Judy Myer on July 4, 2013


  • Easy to use. Application takes just about 20 minutes. It comes with an instructional guide to help you apply the treatment properly.
  • Painless. Compared to other procedures such excision or cauterization, this noninvasive method is pain-free. A mild stinging on the blemish can be experienced though but that just proves that it is working and it is nothing compared to the pain associated with surgery.
  • Does not leave scars. When done properly, it will leave you with new and healthy skin. If you attempt to scratch or peel of the scab though, scarring is a huge possibility.
  • Cost effective. Relatively cheaper compared to other procedures for mole, skin tag, or wart removal.


  • Does not provide instant result. Unlike medical procedures that give you instant results, you will have to be patient and allow the treatment to work for a few days.
  • Cannot be used around the eyes. While it can be used on the face, it is not recommended to apply the cream around the eye area or the eyelids.
  • Risk of infection. This is also possible with any medical procedure. To avoid the risk of infection, keep the area clean and use antiseptic.

Real User Reviews

Here are a few excerpts taken from other Dermatend reviews. The following feedback sums up the general opinion on the product.

Removing a blemish that’s over 10 years old…

This feedback comes from a very impressed customer:

This user offers a few tips:

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