Dermatend Review: Does It Really Work?

by Judy Myer on July 4, 2013

Does It Really Work?

It is clear based on most user reviews that Dermatend actually works. A great number of people have already tried it for moles and skin tags and the product has been proven to be effective. The removal or healing process may be quicker for some people while others may have to wait longer but this is because blemish sizes vary. It is not recommended to try it for just a couple of days and then give up. Reviews suggest that with proper use and a bit of patience, Dermatend will deliver the result you want.

The Best Place To Buy It

The product can be purchased from several retailers online but nowhere else can you get the best possible deal but from the official website. Dermatend comes in 3 different packages, each with corresponding discounts that you can avail for a very limited time.

  1. Original package comes with 30% discount on retail price Р applicable for 4 moles and skin tags.
  2. Extra Strength comes with a free healing balm with 40% discount – removes up to 15 moles and skin tags
  3. Two Extra Strength also comes with a free healing balm with 50% off retail price – removes up to 30 moles and skin tags.

Additionally, your order is protected by a 60-day money back guarantee so if you don’t find it satisfactory, the company will provide a no-hassle refund.

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