Probiotic Supplements: The Top Five

by Judy Myer on September 27, 2013

Probiotics are helpful microorganisms essential for digestive and overall health. While you can get them from certain foods such as yogurt and other fermented foods, you can also get them from probiotic supplements. If you came here looking for the best probiotic supplement, then you won’t be disappointed. Compiled here are the top five based on quality, user ratings, and price.

Rank No5 Now Foods 8 Billion Acidophilus and Bifidus

Formulated to promote positive probiotic balance and healthy immune response, 8 Billion Acidophilus and Bifidus by Now Foods is one of the trusted probiotic supplements in the market. This probiotic formula in the form of vegetarian capsules contains a blend of the two prominent species of resident intestinal bacteria. As a dietary supplement, recommended dose is 1 capsule once or twice a day between meals or on an empty stomach.

According to user reviews, this probiotic supplement does help ease several stomach issues. Because it is a reliable brand and is also inexpensive, many people favor the product.

Now Foods 8 Billion Acidophilus and Bifidus is available on Amazon.

Rank No. 4 Nexabiotic Advanced Multi-Probiotic

Another popular probiotic supplement in the market today based on quality, price and user ratings, is Nexabiotic Advanced Multi-Probiotic formerly known as Benebiotics. It is formulated to provide the digestive tract with 20 strains of probiotic organisms with 30 billion CFUs per daily dose. The capsules are specially coated so that the beneficial organisms can endure the stomach acidity and retain their potency.

Based on most user reviews, the capsules are easy to take and can also be taken by children. Adults are advised to take 1 to 2 capsules daily on an empty stomach while children are recommended to take just 1 capsule daily. It has been reported to efficiently digestive issues.

The best price for Nexabiotic Advanced Multi-Probiotic can be found on Amazon.

Rank No. 3 Biotrust Pro-X10

Next on our list is a product of another trusted nutritional supplement company, BioTrust Nutrition. Biotrust employs microencapsulation technology meaning the capsules are coated so that the sensitive probiotics can deliver up to 10x more live probiotic bacteria to the intestines than ordinary probiotic supplements.

As a dietary supplement, it is recommended to take 2 capsules daily – one capsule with breakfast and another capsule with dinner. Many users agree that the supplement helps reduce bloating and ease several stomach issues.

To get the best deal on BioTrust Pro-X10, it is best to buy it from the official website where you can get a free bottle from select packages, and other perks.

Rank No. 2 NR Essentials Bio-5 Probiotic Blend

Second on our list is a natural supplement from Native Remedies. Containing 10 billion CFU per gram of probiotic blend and prebiotics to support the beneficial organisms, Essentials Bio-5 Probotioc Blend eases digestive ailments, relieves occasional bloating and distension, minimizes bowel movement difficulty, maintains digestive function, and promotes nutrient absorption.

For optimum results, recommended dose is 2 capsules two times a day with a small amount of water. Many users agree that the supplement is easy to take, brings gastrointestinal relief, and that it has no adverse effects.

Visit Native Remedies official website to get the best price for NR Essentials Bio-5 Probiotic Blend.

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