Zquiet: Must-Read Review

by Judy Myer on October 15, 2013

So many brands of anti-snoring mouthpieces are emerging on the market and most of them are fashioned similarly with just a few differences in terms of features, comfort, and price. Speaking of price, you can end up breaking your pocket if you have to try each available brand in your search for the most elusive snoring solution. So if Zquiet has piqued your curiosity, reading this article is a smart move prior to making a purchase decision. Here you will find out how it works and what makes it different, discover its advantages and disadvantages, and see what actual users are saying.

What Is Zquiet?

Zquiet is an FDA cleared dentist designed device for the treatment of snoring. It promises to start working the first night you use it so you can get a better night’s sleep and feel more refreshed in the morning. Unlike many other oral appliances requiring lengthy preparation which involve heating and molding, Zquiet is available in one size that fits nearly everyone and is ready to use of the package.

How Does It Work?

Designed to naturally widen the air passage and stop snoring, Zquiet uses the same method many other anti snoring mouthpieces use – the mandibular advancement technique. By pushing the tongue and jaw forward, the airway becomes larger and the chances of the tissue collapsing and narrowing the airway when you breathe in is reduced thereby airflow is improved and vibration in the soft tissues is prevented.

Although all mandibular advancement devices apply the same concept, Zquiet has a unique feature that apparently makes it better than many of its competitors. The mouthpiece is equipped with a Living Hinge Technology which provides comfortable jaw mobility. Opening and closing your mouth during sleep is a natural process and Zquiet’s technology ensures to support that through this unique feature.


  • No preparation required. You have no need to heat, boil, and mold the unit as it comes ready to use out of the box.
  • Works fast. It addresses the very cause of snoring – the vibration in the back of the throat, so it works the very first night you use it.
  • Safe. With FDA clearance, you can be assured that the materials used to create the unit have passed thorough consumer safety testing and do not contain latex or BPA.  It also proves that the device effectively achieves its intended purpose.
  • Price.  It is fairly inexpensive compared to CPAP and many other anti-snoring remedies.
  • Guarantee. It offers a 30-day trial so you have enough time to determine whether or not the unit is suitable for you.


  • Size. While it is designed to fit virtually everyone, it has no feature that enables you to adjust it for the most comfortable fit. Some anti-snoring devices have the ability to micro-adjust to ensure the size and fit are comfortable to your mouth, jaw, teeth, and gums. The best you can do with Zquiet is to trim the edges and smooth the rough edges.
  • Side effects. Like most mandibular repositioning devices, you may experience some discomfort using Zquiet for the first few nights. You may feel jaw soreness, excessive salivation, jaw irritation, and facial discomfort. These side effects are supposed to disappear once you have gotten accustomed to the device.
  • Not for individuals wearing full dentures.

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